Milk Your Moments delivers for dairy sector.

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The first national dairy TV campaign for 20 years helped drive an estimated 11.2 million litres of additional liquid milk sales during the Coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, as well as raising £100,000 for mental health charities.

The UK-wide ‘Milk Your Moments’ campaign, which ran for 12 weeks from mid-May, resulted in an additional 212,000 consumers buying milk who would not otherwise have purchased it. This was against a challenging background of millk already being bought by 98% of UK households prior to the pandemic.

The campaign resulted in positive shifts in attitudes towards dairy within the target audience, with more consumers claiming that dairy was an important part of their diet and perfect for a growing family.

Funded with £1 million from AHDB, Dairy UK, dairy processors, Defra, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Governments, the campaign aimed to address the drop in liquid milk demand caused by the closure of foodservice outlets due to Coronavirus.

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Milk Your Moments Campaign

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The ‘Milk Your Moments’ campaign celebrates and inspires moments of connection that brings people together whilst physically apart due to the coronavirus.

Help support mental health charity Mind by sharing your moments of connection using the hashtag #milkyourmoments

Creating and sharing ‘Moments’ set on your farm will help the campaign to be seen by more people. It will also help connect the public to dairy farming, enhancing its reputation.

AHDB have come up with an excellent ‘how-to’ guide, with instructions and advice on how you can join in the campaign.

Find out more by visiting Milk Your Moments dairy campaign – farmer support

Milk Myths

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Milk and dairy products play an important role in a well balanced diet. For thousand of years we have enjoyed them as a source of nutrients such as protein, calcium, iodine and B vitamins.

However, there are milk and dairy myths that, despite very little or no evidence, are still commonly held misconceptions. For example, that milk in the UK is ‘full of hormones’ or that consuming milk and dairy causes mucus to form.

In order to debunk these rumours Dairy UK has launched a page that sets the record straight on the most common milk and dairy myths.

You can find it here: Is Milk Bad For You?

Share the facts. Debunk the myths!

Dairy UK YouTube

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Don’t forget it’s simple to share informative videos about dairy on your social media directly from the Dairy UK YouTube channel! 

Our latest video series ‘Our Food and Our Planet’ features six videos about the dairy industry’s contribution to sustainability and the environment.

We also feature scrumptious dairy-based recipes for you to enjoy and share.

Simply click on the ‘Share’ button beneath each video to post directly to your social!

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We’ll be posting regular blogs or vlogs (a video blog) from experts in nutrition and social media to give you inspiration. Don’t worry, the ‘sciencey’ bits will be simple and easy to digest for you and for consumers.

There are no better ambassadors for dairy than farmers themselves. Dairy is your food, and the nation’s food. Your voice is trusted by the people who matter most – the millions of consumers who enjoy dairy day in day out.

We all need to keep beating the drum for dairy. But we know that you need the right tools to be able to help us talk about dairy goodness. So, The Dairy Council, Dairy UK and AHDB are combining forces to bring you a new website. Its aim is to equip you with the tools you need to go forth on social media and ‘Tell it Like it is’ about the goodness of dairy products.